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Falcon’s Private Investigations LLC provides a number of services to uncover hidden facts for you when you need them.

Infidelity Investigations - Falcon’s Private Investigations Cheating within a relationship can be devastating. You may have proof of the infidelity and the individual is denying it, or you may have suspicions but aren’t completely sure. Falcon’s Private Investigations is on your side and we’ll find out what your significant other is up to. We have the technology and equipment you need to uncover the truth.
Missing Persons - Falcon’s Private Investigations When someone you love goes missing, it can be one of the most stressful and scary situations you’ll ever experience. Timing is critical when it comes to locating the individual and bringing them home safely, so Falcon’s Private Investigations acts fast. We’ll intake all the information you can provide and interview anyone who might know what happened. Our team will work with law enforcement to take whatever action necessary to bring the person to safety. If they have intentionally gone missing, we’ll do whatever we can to find them and let you know they are safe. We’ll also investigate suspects in missing persons cases to uncover vital information to obtain otherwise hidden information. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and closure no matter what the outcome is.
Child Custody - Falcon’s Private Investigations If you are in a battle with your child’s other parent regarding custody and need to build a case against them, we will investigate their activities to provide the evidence you need to win in court. We are always on your side and will do everything we can to secure your child’s safety and placement with you.
Background Screenings - Falcon’s Private Investigations Whether you suspect illegal activity or you’re an employer interested in a potential candidate’s history, Falcon’s Private Investigations provides fast and complete background screenings. We’ll help you determine if anything in their past records will affect your relationship or business partnership with them now and give you the information you need to make a sound decision.
Insurance Fraud - Falcon’s Private Investigations When people commit insurance fraud, they often fake an injury or illness in public to collect disability, insurance compensation, or other insurance benefits. When they’re at home, they go about their normal activities, so we want to catch them in the act of lying. We also investigate auto insurance fraud, in which an accident was staged to collect insurance money.
If you feel threatened in your daily life in any way, such as you feel someone is following you or has made threats, our investigators will protect you by escorting you on errands, keeping an eye on your home, and uncovering what the intentions of these suspicious individuals are.
If you know someone has witnessed a crime but does not want to come forward, we will seek out this individual so that they can provide the information you need that may solve your case.
Loss Prevention - Falcon’s Private Investigations The larger a company is, the more likely there is inside theft occurring. If you’ve seen an increase in shrinkage or money is missing with no explanation, we will investigate who and what is being stolen to facilitate loss prevention.
Personal Injury Investigations - Falcon’s Private Investigations Falcon’s Private Investigations also provides personal injury investigations to uncover the real reason an individual got hurt on a property. We will determine if the property owner neglected to maintain a safe environment or if the person got hurt due to their own carelessness. We will also check to see if unsafe conditions have been fixed to prevent future injuries.
Process Server - Falcon’s Private Investigations Our staff also offers process-server services to serve individuals with legal documents. Leave the legal documents and serving papers to us so you can avoid the stress and potentially dangerous situations.